Looking to work Overseas ?


When looking to work overseas, you (irrespective of what passport you hold) cannot expect to visit a country and look for work. All economies have strict guidelines for non-locals to not engage in any employable activity (or one leading to employment, like interview) unless you have the proper work authorization. 


This Work Authorization is conferred in by the Work Visa, which is to be sponsored by the employer. In other words you are picked by an employer and are granted the work visa. All countries have stringent guidelines (labor laws) which obliges and incentivise the local employer to hire locals (professionals authorized to work locally). The international hiring proves a costly and time taking step which is normally exercised by any employer when they fail to find a suitable local worker. Now there are many positions which end up as vacant and these are the ones where the employer considers an "International Professional" for. 


The most common approach followed by any job seeker, looking to work internationally is applying in national job portals. This is a time taking and highly inefficient approach as bulk of the jobs are advertised for the locals (professionals with local working rights) and even if you (an international job seeker) apply you might not hear anything from the employer (let alone expecting an interview or getting selected for the opportunity). This is precisely where Recruitments.com steps in to assist you with precise, customized, efficient and focused approach to target these opportunities, which exists but are never reached out by you  because you never know they exist. Our global network of consultants and professional network ensures that we are up to date with these employment opportunities where any domestic professional failed to be hired. These go in the secondary market to be filled by the international professionals. 



Why and When will any Overseas Employers consider me for one of their existing opportunities ?

Overseas employers are obligated to consider local workforce (professionals having working rights locally) primarily. They chose to consider any overseas candidate when they cannot find a suitable domestic candidate. This trend is dominant in technology, engineering and business sectors.


What Jobs would I be considered for?

All jobs referred to are full time (35+ weekly hours). Every job you are considered for would be similar or based on your current and past profiles. 


What are the clients like?

All clients are medium to large scale businesses. Local hiring is always cheaper than any Overseas hiring. Small employers do not go to the length of hiring internationally, due to the cost and formalities involved.