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New Zealand 

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New Zeland is one of the countries which survived the GFC crises, with Australia. Known for its strong economic backbone, New Zeland offers professionals from a variety of fields excellent prospects to come and work. 


On top of the work opportunities, Australia has some world class social security benefits. It encourages and rewards professionals to perform their best and contribute to the economy. In difficult times, it assists unemployed workers financially and provides them with services to get back to work. 


One of the best features of the New Zealand Permanent Residency program is that professionals who qualify and achieve the PR status, are allowed to travel, work or study in Australia, visa-free. As a NZ PR holder, you don't need to seek permission to enter Australia or engage in study or work.  

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Begin a new life in New Zealand:

With beautiful nature, vibrant economy and a embracing culture, New Zealand is one of the world’s most desired migration destinations. It is also one of the newest. Qualified professionals from across the world are attracted to New Zealand for its stable quality of life and promising economic prospects. An English speaking country, New Zealand is not just easy to assimilate into but also has a more cosmopolitan culture thanks to a significant migrant population. It’s enviable citizen benefits and progressive policies make it a great destination to settle with your family.




Why Should You Settle in New Zealand?


  • A stable economy with jobs across IT, service, healthcare, education and engineering sectors

  • Citizen first policies including free healthcare and education

  • Excellent natural attractions. A favourable climate with plenty of sunshine. 

  • Beautiful, multicultural cities that enhance your quality of life

  • Large natural heritage including eye catching beauty in North and South Island. 




How to settle in New Zealand?

New Zealand’s pioneering immigration department has streamlined the application process to reduce processing time. However, a comprehensive and accurate application package is vital to taking advantage of this. With a dedicated Australia migration team has the knowledge and experience to help you file an application with the highest chances of success. Our team of RMA certified partners in our Australian partner office can assess your application and help you file it with confidence.

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